Wearable device technology by Apple and Google

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Wearable device technology by Apple and Google


The wearable computers and devices are usually related to the science fiction movies like the James Bond series and they are considered impractical. In future, these devices will become vital ones in our lives just like the smartphones. The wearable computer technology is already existing and Google and Apple are now in the verge of taking this to the next step.

Apple along with Google is working on a technology for wearable devices that can send the data to the smartphones. The researchers working in the secret Google X lab where Google keeps working continuously on future projects and technologies, have started to work on the peripherals that will communicate the information to the Android smartphones while they are connected to a person's body or clothing.

Apple is working on a wearable wrist iPod in the form of a curved glass. Users can communicate using the Siri software in this device and relay the information to the iPhone.

This technology will not replace the smartphones instead will make them more significant. The main concept behind this idea is to bring the smartphones to the position of central hub when it comes to the field of mobile communication. The analysts claim that the success in these technologies will be achieved only when the consumers realize the everyday value in these products.

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