Weird Gadgets that can be used for day to day activities

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The CES held in the US.A this month saw the unveiling of some weird looking gadgets. These gadgets are high-end ones and are feature-rich as well. Let's take a look at some of the weird gadgets:

1) Haier Brain Wave Mind Reading Headsets :

Weird Gadgets that can be used for day to day activities

This is a mind reading headset developed by Haier. Through this, a television can be effectively controlled. The users have to wear one of the device's sensing pads on their foreheads and another one on one of their earlobes.

This enables mind reading. The results may not be 100% accurate, but some level of accuracy is achieved.

2) Solowheel Motorized Transport System:

The solowheel is a motorized unicycle.You can ride the solowheel just by standing on it's footboards. The moment you lean forward, the wheel's battery-driven electric motor drives the wheel to move forward thereby you also move forward.

One notable aspect of the slider wheel is that your position is maintained upright at all times. This is made possible by a gyroscope which is present in the wheel. The solowheel can achieve speeds upto 10 miles per hour. We can also call the solowheel as a "One Wheel Vehicle".

3) Eye Asteroids gesture sensing cameras:

These are eyesight tracking cameras manufactured by Tobli, an upcoming computer manufacturer. Using this camera, you can control various gadgets such as laptops with your eyes. In short, you can throw away your mouse and use your eyes to control computers.

4) Signa Powertrekk alternative batteries:

This fuel cell serves as an alternative to conventional batteries. It has compact dimensions unlike other huge fuel cells. This fuel cell produces hydrogen when water is added using silicon based materials called " Pucks". This sure is a revolutionary product as it helps save the Earth's natural resources used in manufacturing conventional fuels(batteries as well).

5) Foam Fighters gaming aid:

This gadget serves as a link between smartphone and tablet pc games. Thus, they combine both the virtual and the real worlds effectively. These foam fighters are made up of thin foam and shaped like World war fighter panes.

When you throw them into thin air, they fly. These can also be attached to a plastic arm via a suction cup which enables these foam fighters to stick to the back of your iPhones,i Pads and enable you to have a real-life like gaming experience with mind blowing graphics. Thus these virtual gaming aids are sure to sweep you off your feet.

Thus, a new revolution is all set to happen through these gadgets.

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