What is common in BSNL and Aakash tablets?

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What is common in BSNL and Aakash tablets?

In the past six months the Indian tablet market has has underwent a drastic change. Aakash and BSNL tablets, low cost Android powered devices were launched. Aakash is manufactured by Datawind and BSNL Tab is manufactured by Pantel Technologies.

Both the tablets are rivals but they have one thing in common. Both have generated enormous interest in the market and have failed to reach in time.

Aakash is available for a price of Rs 2,500 and a subsidy price of Rs 1,250 for students. This is the cheapest tablet in the world. Datawind is missing out on the retail availability since November 2011.

BSNL has also come up with a low cost tablet dubbed Penta IS701R. This is available for a price of Rs 3,499. It was supposed to be available in the retail market from March 5th but it could not meet it.

Another common aspect of these tablets is that both the manufacturers took online bookings before the retail availability. The similarities are not all as the consumers who have booked these tablets online have still not got their device.

BSNL tablets were ready for shipment and were expected to be delivered to the consumers by now. But there is no clear reason on why there is delay in its availability. Both offer attractive prices and data plans. But when there is no device what's the use of these.

Some users who have booked the BSNL tablet on March 1st claim that they still have not got their tablets. They even say that the customer care numbers that are listed on Pantel website are not working.

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