What is iPad's rival?

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What is iPad's rival?

Samsung has acquired a good position in the tablet and smartphone market. This is evident from the statement made by ex-Apple CEO, John Sculley. He has said that the Samsung Galaxy Tab lineup is the valid competition for iPad.

You may think it is a prank made for April Fool's Day. But John Sculley has mentioned in an interview about this. He stated that Steve Jobs, the late ex-CEO of Apple made him join Apple from holding the CEO position at Pepsi. Jobs has pulled him asking if he wants to sell sugar water for the rest of his life or if he wants to change the world.

He says that he predicts good years for Apple in future. He claims that the only serious rival for the tablet,.iPad is Samsung Galaxy lineup of tablets. This landscape can change anytime but still Apple can handle it as it is backed by an extraordinary executive team.

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