What is rooting? Why to root an android device?

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Rooting is the process by which users can recover administrative access of their android device. Even though android is considered to be an open source operating system, the fact remains that the root access is still restricted. Rooting of android device is quite similar to the Jailbreaking that is done in the Apple devices.

Most of the users go for rooting of their android device mainly taking in to consideration the fact that they can gain complete control over their system and can make use of their device as they wish.

Some of the main reason behind users doing rooting on their android device are:

  • Performance Improvement

  • Altering of the System files

  • More application choices

  • Installation of the applications on users SD card

  • Most modern operating system

  • Tethering of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Performance Improvement

By means of relocating the cache, users can speed up their android device and thereby increasing the speed of the android device as well in saving the memory space also. There are many user-friendly applications that the users can download from the android market that can increase the speed and performance of the android device significantly.

What is rooting? Why to root an android device?

Altering of the System Files

Considered to be the core functions of the android, users can very well restore the Android core by adding new themes as well as changing the recovery and boot images. Users can also edit the core maps as well as add Linux libraries also.

What is rooting? Why to root an android device?

More application choices

There are certain applications that the users can install only after rooting. Some of the applications include the presence of apps in which users will be taken to a screenshot of their phone and will overclock as well as tether the applications of the users android device.

Installation of the applications on users SD card

One of the major disadvantages that come with the android devices includes the absence of installed applications on SD card. Most of the applications are just limited to the android phone’s internal memory. Google claims that the applications on SD Cards works much slower compared to the applications that are present in the internal memory.

What is rooting? Why to root an android device?

Most modern operating system

Rooting of the device provides the users with the opportunity to install any current or future updates. This installation is done by means of custom-tailored ROMs.

Tethering of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Most of the users always have a keen desire to share their cellular data connection with that of the user’s laptop or personal computer. The applications works mainly on the basis of ad-hoc connections and will get the user to work online on their laptop in no time. The tethering is also done by means of a Bluetooth connection.

These are the main reasons that makes user to undergo rooting of their Android devices.

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