What to do when technology swears at you?

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What to do when technology swears at you?


In today's world, there are lot of technological devices and they are mainly meant to help you. The devices are basically to help you and make your life easier. Imagine how bad it will be to have technology to swear back at you.

A 12 year old boy, Charlie Le Quesne has been to an Apple Store and was testing an iPhone with the Siri application which is a voice recognition software. While working with Siri, he asked the app how many people are in the world and guessed what the app has replied to him.

Siri has blared out at him using a foul four letter word and thereby shocking the consumers. The Boy's mother, Kim Le Quesne said that she asked the same question again and the same word was blared out by the app.

Kim could not enjoy the app's funny part and she has logged a complaint to the assistants in the shop. The shopkeepers have apologized to her and they also have told that they will try to reprogram the device again and make it like the other good phone out there.

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