WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Rolled Out For Android Users, Pulled Off Again

Billions of us use Whatsapp to communicate with our colleagues, friends and family. It would be great to have a free-call feature included in the social networking service. According to a report in Android Police, the calling feature was activated for some selected users who could pass on the invitation to their friends by making a WhatsApp call. But this invite-feature has since been disabled by WhatsApp recently.

According to the report, users with WhatsApp version 2.11.528 from the Play Store or 2.11.531 from WhatsApp website, saw the call icon on their app and could make a call to their friends and pass on the invite. The invite in essence was getting a call from someone who already had the calling feature activated.

WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Rolled Out For Android Users

Users who have activated this feature, can still make calls to their friends. But one cannot activate the option for others. It seems like WhatsApp has disabled the invitation feature and was simply testing its servers for the call functionality..

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We had earlier seen, how WhatsApp was testing this calling feature in India. A Reddit user pradnesh07, even got the feature activated on his phone. According to the images posted, users who receive the voice-calling feature will notice an icon for it, beside the Chats and Contacts tabs. The call interface seems to quite similar to a smartphone's contact directory. The app keeps a record of recent WhatsApp calls as well.

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