Where you store all passwords?

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Where you store all passwords?


Do you have multiple personal accounts? If so you would have definitely faced the issue of having several passwords and security questions and also experienced juggling among them to log in to your accounts. Sometimes the feeling if you don't get the right one is similar to losing a battle.

Millions and millions of users can be identified with this problem. For sometime it was your mother's maiden name then it was the name of first pet and then the model of the first car and so on. As the security questions and passwords multiply, the chances for the possibility of looking at your own life in a wrong aspect increases.

Until and unless you are a scholar with significant recalling ability, you require a system that can help you in managing the login credentials of all the accounts. The accounts will ask for favorite book of yours and you would have given it almost years ago.

What if you forget it? Once you provide a wrong answer, you will be probed with more and more questions that make you clueless. You might have given a fake city as the place of birth and remembering fake stuff is quite difficult.

So a better way to make an elaborate spreadsheet that is secure with password protection. You can also go more to the old school days by maintaining a book with passwords and security questions.

But make sure you keep it safe. If you are not comfortable with all these type of methods you are always welcome to have apps like PasswordWallet, Keeper Password and RoboForm for your smartphone and tablet. These apps can help you manage all your passwords effectively.

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