Wikipedia Announces HTML5 Video Player Service

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Wikipedia Announces HTML5 Video Player Service

Online enterprise information service Wikipedia has this week brought out a whole new HTML5-based video player that would finally fulfill the demands of its daily users to upload of clips and captions with the input text.

Reportedly, the video project is a collaboration with video start-up Kaltura and Google, and had been in the works since 2008. According to reports, it got delayed by infrastructure upgrades, personnel changes and other problems over the past four years.

“Wikipedia has more than half a billion unique monthly visitors, so any new feature that is deployed needs to be really sustainable and fool-proof,” said Kaltura president Michal Tsur in a media statement.

For years, Wikipedia has been criticized for its lack of video content save for a handful of clips around 15,000 videos encoded in the Ogg Theora format. One can see an example of a Kaltura video on the page about polar bears.

However, with the new video support it looks like Wikipedia will provide its users a new experience of video uploading along with the flexibility of adding translated subtitles captions and titles to their videos in the users' language. This will help the international users to get access to the encyclopedia videos irrespective of their languages and will expand the availability of video library to the hearing impaired.

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