Will iPad Mini be the thinnest Apple tablet?

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Will iPad Mini be the thinnest Apple tablet?

The next iPhone was rumored to feature thin film touch panels with the in cell touch technology. This technology is to be used on the upcoming iPad Mini, claim sources. The 7.85 inch iPad Mini is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

The G/F2 design (glass and touch film) will be thinner than the traditional G/F/F design. This technology was rumored to be used in the iPhone 5 making it thinner than the iPhone 4S that was launched in October 2011.

In this, the touch sensor will be merged with the LCD panel making it one layer. So the traditional three layers will be made two and will eventually lead to a reduction in the thickness of the device. The image below will clearly explain the thin film technology.

That's not all. The sources have also named the suppliers of the G/F2 thin film technology. Nitto will make the thin film materials while TPK and Nissha Printing will laminate them on the screens made for the iPad Mini.

However, this is not an officially confirmed information. It comes from the secret industry sources. We will have to wait for the mini Apple tablet to launch to know more about it. But, if this rumor has to be believed, the iPad Mini will be the thinnest Apple tablet.

What do you think about this? Will the iPad mini be the thinnest Apple tablet? What all features you like to have on the tablet? Please do post your comments below.

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