Will it be iPhone 5 or new iPhone?

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Will it be iPhone 5 or new iPhone?

Apple launched the new iPad few days back and after lot of rumors and speculations that were circulating across the internet. The name of the tablet was rumored to be iPad 3 and then iPad HD but when the launch happened it was really a big shock for all to hear the name new iPad. This in fact could be the one reason that people didn't like about the device.

Now the confusion starts with the next generation iPhone that is expected to be launched this year. There are already rumors all over that this smartphone could be named iPhone LTE or simple iPhone. The people behind these rumors also have justification in saying so. Actually the device is addressed widely as iPhone 5 but there are two reasons for not having this name. They are explained below.

The next generation of the iPhone is not the 5th but the 6th generation. The 5th generation of the smartphone is iPhone 4S that was launched in October 2011 the order going like this – original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the recent iPhone 4. So the name iPhone 5 for the 6th generation of the Apple smartphone has no meaning.

The next reason is that this smartphone will have the 4G LTE capability but the name iPhone 4G will be confusing as there is iPhone 4S already. So the convenient name as per the rumor is iPhone LTE. Keeping the third generation of iPad in mind, it can even be named new iPhone. Its left to Apple to name its product accordingly. What do you think will be the suitable name of the smartphone? Do reply your opinion in the comments section below.

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