Will Microsoft buy Nokia?

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Will Microsoft buy Nokia?

Nokia, the telecom giant is the most trusted brands in India. It is going through a bad patch with the shares being low. This is triggering a lot of speculation that Microsoft might acquire Nokia. The brand was once the most valued company in Europe. Currently, the company is facing an issue with the shares as they are the the lowest in a couple of decades.

The latest reports claim that Microsoft might buy the company. The alliance with the software giant is quite powerful. Now, Apple and Google might be the winners and they might have doomed the others. But, the same was said about Nokia in the past. The industry keeps changing and Microsoft seems to be desperate in buying Nokia for a petty cash.

The software and tech giant led by Bill Gates has over 46 billion euros in cash while Nokia has a market value of 8.4 billion euros. So, Microsoft is the only one that can acquire Nokia leaving behind Samsung, RIM and Apple.

Do you think this will happen? Will Microsoft acquire Nokia? Please do share your thoughts with us through the comments section below.

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