Will Siri Help The Technology Expert?

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Will Siri Help The Technology Expert?

When Apple started getting rumors about the voice assistant software, Siri in the mid of this year, there were mentions about the other company Nuance Communications too. It was assumed that Siri has obtained some help from Nuance as it is one of the best voice recognition programs out there.

Apple has presented the reports of the first quarter after the release of the latest gadget and as per which the sales figures were increased by about 32% when compared with the past year. So soon, Nuance has also presented the impressive and growing list of the expanded and new accounts that includes the manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung. This is not all and the company has also gained the praise from Amazon.com, the tablet builder. Note that this list doesn't include Apple.

Nuance's major division is going is health care and it is definitely not mobile solutions while its fastest developing sector is document imaging following the victory from SEC. The sales figures have increased by about 23% every year and this credit obviously goes to the mobile sector as it has helped a lot in the long run. Currently, the manufacturers of smartphones as well as the users have developed lot of interest towards the high end speech oriented applications.

As per an official of Nuance, the company has obtained lot of credits after the launch of Siri without mentioning Apple as one of the customers. The announcement of Siri by Apple with handful of other things have created an understanding about the abilities of the voice recognition and the other naturally spoken language processing programs. The same type of programs are dealt with for all the health care and the enterprise customers thereby increasing the value from the customers.

Nuance has become a hidden winner in the war of smartphone generally and to be more specific in the sweet voice of the Siri technology. The company can play the revolution and tackle it in various ways without claiming or touching the Apple stock shares.

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