Windows 10 Documents Leaked, 512 MB Limitation Revealed

Microsoft's promise for the Windows 10 update is "no man left behind," but there was a suggestion that 512MB RAM devices may have limited functionality. Leaked guidelines detail just what kind of experience legacy devices can expect.

Windows 10 Documents Leaked, 512 MB Limitation Revealed

First and foremost, GPS navigation apps will be deactivated when running in the background if there's not enough memory available to handle the process, and Microsoft says that these apps could be disabled more often because, with only 512 MB of RAM, running out of memory is very possible, especially when running other programs such as email clients or messengers.

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Then there are some simple things like HDR images. They will be lower quality since these handsets can only capture three 5MP shots, instead of five 8MP ones.

VoIP (Skype and such) running in the foreground are estimated to require 120MB RAM at most, 20MB in the background. This may affect an apps ability to handle video calls, receive incoming calls and supporting the call if you switch to another app.

Windows 10 Documents Leaked, 512 MB Limitation Revealed

The good news is that 97 percent of the apps available in the Windows Phone Store will work OK on devices with 512 MB of RAM, Microsoft says, while others will either fail to launch or be really slow and thus become unusable.

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Needless to say, a 512 MB phone isn't quite the best option to get the full Windows 10 Mobile experience, so you might want to consider buying a new device before the new OS launches later this year.

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