Windows 8 Executive Steven Sinofsky Quits: How is it going to Affect Microsoft?

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Windows 8 Executive Steven Sinofsky Quits: How is it going to Affect Microsoft?

The exit of Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows and Windows Live has come in as a big surprise even to Microsoft. The exit of the Windows Executive came only weeks after the company launched Windows 8 operating system. 

The latest development also is a clear indication that Steve Ballmer is still in charge of Microsoft by all means. Many Industry observers including Kirk Materne, Managing Director, Evercore Partners think that the sudden exit of Steven ‘doesn’t necessarily reflect well on the company”. He was also of the opinion that this kind of exit creates a level of distraction that none of the company would like to have especially when they are in a crucial phase of their business transformation. 

The exit of Steven Sinofsky came at a time when Microsoft is under immense pressure in convincing its consumers and investors on their latest product offerings including Windows 8 OS and new Surface tablet. Reports suggest Microsoft shares have remained virtually unchanged for the past ten years at a time when shares of Apple went up to as high as 6,700%. 

However the initial feedback of users using Windows 8 has been mixed with many claiming it to be confusing at times. Microsoft released Windows 8 for users looking for an enhanced experience on their PCs compared to Windows 7. The Surface tablet on the other hand has also failed to make any impact on the market being dominated by Apple iPad as of now. Most of the users complain the lack of applications similar to that of iPad even though the hardware has been designed much sleeker compared to iPad. 

Steven Sinofsky was a popular figure in Microsoft being with them for around 23 years. He was also considered to be the successor of Ballmer who is the chief executive since 2000. Inside sources stated that Steven Sinofsky gave a justification of seeking new opportunities as a reason for his decision to leave. He was stated as saying, “With the general availability of Windows 8/RT and Surface, I have decided it is time for me to take a step back from my responsibilities at Microsoft.” 

It remains to be seen how Microsoft Management officially responds to this development. 

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