Windows 8 Poll Survey: 52 Percent Of People Haven't Heard Of Microsoft's New OS

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Windows 8 Poll Survey: 52 Percent Of People Haven't Heard Of Microsoft's New OS

A new poll surveyed by ‘The Associated Press’ and GfK is going to give Microsoft some sleepless nights. The survey found that 52 percent of people surveyed are unaware of Windows 8 operating system which was released a few days back.

It might come as a blow for Microsoft who stated Windows 8 to re-imagine the PC market’s dominant operating system. According to the surveyors, close to 1,200 adults were surveyed through phone in US out of which more than 600 of them were not even aware of Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 was officially released by Microsoft on October 26. 

Among the people who were aware of Windows 8, 61 percent showed less or no interest in purchasing a new PC or laptop powered by Windows 8. The poll also suggested only 35 percent among the total surveyed felt Windows 8 to be an improvement from their previous operating systems. One of the adult who took part in the poll even stated that he is not thrilled with things being claimed by Microsoft. 

Microsoft usually has a record of releasing latest version of Windows once in every two to three years. Most of the analysts predict it is not the same this time around since Windows 8 is considered to be the most radical redesign of the operating system since 1995. Microsoft however firmly believes that the design and functions of Windows 8 will impress the growing number of smartphone and tablet users.

The poll result was even more pessimistic for the new Windows 8 tablet computer named ‘Surface’. Almost 69 percent of the poll participators expressed little or no interest in buying the new Windows 8 tablet which Microsoft thought would affect the sales of Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. 

The latest poll gives a clear message for Microsoft to work more in improving the popularity of Windows 8 and convincing common users about the advantages of Windows 8 over the previous versions of Windows operating system. The company is already engaged in a $1 Billion marketing campaign for Windows 8 including a range of Windows 8 commercials.

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