Windows Phone 7.8 Release Update: Here's What features Your Device will Get After the Update

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Windows Phone 7.8 Release Update: Here's What features Your Device will Get After the Update

Microsoft has not yet revealed substantial information about the impending Windows Phone 7.8 update apart from the expected new Start screen. However, information regarding the update has been slowly being circulated around the tech media world.

According to wpcentral latest report, Windows Phone 7.8 will have the build number 7.10.8858.136 which can vary slightly depending on the device and region. Windows Phone 7.5 has the build number 7.10.8779 and the transition to 7.10.8858 suggests significant features in store for the user.

Information about the latest update is already circulating in print which claims that it will have a lot of theme colors to choose from apart from the new Start screen. It also says that, there will be an update following Windows 7.8. This supports an earlier leak from a Nokia slide deck which mentioned another update after the Windows 7.8 one. This proves that Microsoft has no intention of resting after the release of Windows Phone 7.8 and will be constantly adding features to it.

Nokia Lumia 510, the new entry market device, was found sporting early builds of the yet-to-be launched Windows Phone 7.78 update. This device earlier ran on the Windows 7.5 version but lately, beta builds of the Windows Phone 7.8 update have also been found.

Some of the features of the new Windows Phone 7.8 update include:

  • New Start screen- This feature was already confirmed earlier having 3-sizes for Tiles.

  • New Boot Screen- This new screen matches with the logo of Windows Phone and with that of Windows Phone 8 too.

  • New re-design of Core apps- Xbox games, Store and Office will automatically get updated with the new logo.

  • Live Lock Screen Wallpaper- As of now; it is not sure whether this feature is applicable to third-party applications. This feature allows the user to effectively make use of the Bing wallpaper which updates itself every day. 

  • Accent colors- Similar to Windows Phone 8, this update will also have 10 accent colors with one extra for the OEM or carrier to customize. 

  • Nokia Network+ settings –These settings are already found in some Lumia devices, 810, 820, 822 and 920, in which Nokia has incorporated certain advanced network configurations like SMS options, call forwarding, call waiting etc. 

There are also some OEM customizations that Nokia is giving its Lumia range by including some advanced features:

  • Ringtone editing facilities upgraded

  • The application for transferring and sharing contacts has been given an upgrade

  • Bluetooth sharing is possible for non-DRM multimedia files.

Apart from Microsoft, the OEMs are also sure to add to the features of the new update with Nokia taking the lead right now. It has also been reported that HTC has a few tricks up its sleeve too such as its ‘keep Wi-Fi alive’ and ‘SMS drafts’ features. The actual time of distribution of this coveted update is still unknown but has high probability of entering the market early next year.

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