Wireless Charger for charging your gadgets

Posted By: Rahul

Wireless Charger for charging your gadgets

The MOJO cordless charger enables wireless charging of your gadgets. It is portable and trendy. You can carry it anywhere you go. Its price in India is Rs 1000.

The MOJO charges all your favourite gadgets without external power supply. It doesn't require solar energy also to charge your gadgets.

You can use the MOJO portable charger for charging gadgets such as mobile phones, iPod, iPhone, Gaming consoles, music players etc.

Its charge level indicator shows you how much charge is left in your devices. The MOJO even doubles up as a flashlight.

Thus, through the MOJO, you can stay connected effectively irrespective of where you are. You can be in a bus, train or even on your way home and still keep the battery level in all your favourite gadgets at the optimum level.

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