World's First Selfie Museum is Here

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Now also known as the "selfie capital of the world", the Philippines has an art museum that, instead of keeping you away from art pieces, encourages you take selfies with them and share your pictures with the world.

World's First Selfie Museum is Here

The Art in Island in the Philippines's capital Manila uses three dimensional replicas of paintings and is rightly dubbed the planet's "first-ever selfie museum".

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The museum not only encourages its visitors in selfie-taking in the premises, they are also invited to touch, play with, and climb on the paintings and sculptures, The Creators Project reported.

World's First Selfie Museum is Here

"Here, art paintings are not complete if you are not with them ... If you don't take pictures with them," Blyth Cambaya, the museum's corporate secretary, was quoted as saying by Mashable.

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Tourists visiting the museum seem to be liking the experience as museums around the world generally do not allow visitors to be part of them, depriving them of the delight of sharing their experience of being in the museum.

"You have to be very serious in other museums. (In) this museum, you can really just let your goofy side out," US tourist Jenna Eliel was quoted as saying.

Source: IANS

Image source: magazine.good

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