World War 3? No, its a Trojan

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World War 3? No, its a Trojan

In Facebook a new scam is circulating that tricks the users to download malware by asking them to visit a fake report of CNN regarding the World War 3. This story uses the CNN logo and also offers the video footage of the breaking news story that asks users to upgrade the Flash video software in order to watch it.

This fake news says that US is going to begin the World War III by attacking countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Once the users upgrade their flash player, their PC gets affected with a Trojan.

The reason to have videos as a bait in the scam is because they create lot of temptation and make the users to upgrade the Flash and similar software to play them. They also do not alarm the user about the presence of danger.

Sophos, the security expert has reported that about 60,000 users are already the victims of the Trojan. Naked security is an issue that is worrying lot of users of the social network and they are posting the same as status messages. They claim that US has made attacks on Saudi and Iran and is attmeplting to bring about the WW 3.

Within 3 hours since its debut, the malware has affected 60,000 users by making them visit the malicious link. May be the malware code in the computer is sending the message to the social network with the user's knowledge.

To ensure your safety, better scan the computer with an updated anti-virus software and have all the security patches in hand.

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