Wrist watch mobile phones from Burg

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Wrist watch mobile phones from Burg

Here is an interesting twist in the market of mobile phones in India. Burg, a Netherland based company has launched innovative wrist watch mobile phone models. The price in India of these watches range from Rs 9,000 to Rs 23,000. The company has plans to expand its presence all over India by launching stores everywhere.

All the phones have the Bluetooth connectivity and headset. These watch phones have the AGPS technology to track their location using internet. In order to track the location of a watch phone, the server of Burg sends a message to the phone that cannot be seen. The phone will then respond to the message. Based on the time of response, the server ascertains the location of the user.

Features of Burg watches

  • Touchscreen display

  • in-built SIM card tray

  • Bluetooth

  • SMS, MMS

  • Lock/Unlock

  • USB charger

  • Interchangeable bands

  • MP3 player

  • Lithium ion battery

  • Speed Dial

  • Front Camera

The Global Sales Director of Burg, Koen Pieters says that they have plans to establish the business in North India. After about nine months they will expand their presence to the South. He opened two stores in Delhi yesterday.

The Dutch firm has opened two stores in Delhi, one in Gurgaon, Guwahati and Kolkata. He added that they have plans to open about 20 outlets of Burg within one year. India is their next focus destination. Burg has already marked a significant presence in Russia, Venezula, Chile, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy and US.

Note that the specifications will vary between the various models based on the price.

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