No More Passwords for Yahoo: New Phone-based login Announced

    If you have a hard time remembering passwords, don't worry, you'll have to do that no more. Yahoo has come up with solution that will end your problems of memorizing passwords or creating stupid ones that can be easily guessed by others or hacked.

    No More Passwords for Yahoo: New Phone-based login Announced

    Yahoo has introduced a new "on-demand" system that sends you a one-time password when you need to log in. This new advance by Yahoo is made in order to keep your account safe and to prevent Yahoo from being hacked. Thousands of people use and recycle memorable passwords across a number of services, including their own email account.

    Passwords iterated by one user from one website to another are not only fairly hackable but they are inherently insecure because if they are cracked open, they'll open large parts of your digital identity on your complete online presence.

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    On-demand passwords or one time passwords are no longer usable after the user has logged into the website. These passwords are so designed that they remove the password-chain/ potential domino effect because they are specific to your Yahoo account. There's only one caution of the user, if the user accidentally loses his or her device the person in possession will have full access to their email account.

    Some devices show you the SMS notification even on your lock screen that means that the password will show up even if your device is locked the pattern you thought was the most complex one. Technically the one who is in possession of your lost phone doesn't even need to know your passcode to get into your Yahoo account once they know your ID.

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    Yahoo is very right on it's part to focus on mobile security, it's an area where an average internet user is very ignorant and uninformed of best possible methodologies. Even the most tech savvy and cautious ones are caught and their digital identities are revealed.

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