YOUM: Samsung's flexible AMOLED screen

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YOUM: Samsung's flexible AMOLED screen

The flexible screens may not sound new to you as we have already discussed about the Atmel XSense. This is a flexible touchscreen technology that will come into existence in near future. Even the Samsung's flexible AMOLED displays were discussed in the past. Samsung showed it first at the CES 2012 and claimed that the mass production will start in Q2 of the year.

Now, Samsung has decided to call it with a different name rather than flexible AMOLED. Recently, Samsung has trademarked the brand name YOUM. The company website has been updated and refers to the flexible AMOLED technology with this name. Not only YOUM, the company has also filed the trademarks for the names TAMOLED, PAMOLED, FAMOLED and WAMOLED.

The Samsung display does not have any glass in it. Instead, it makes use of TFT film , Encap film, organic layer and polariser. Samsung describes YOUM to be thin, light and unbreakable. We can be sure that it is an interesting technology to come to the market. As Samsung has finally named its creation, we can expect it to come in the upcoming gadgets.

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