Youngsters hooked on to mobile apps

Posted By: Rahul

Youngsters hooked on to mobile apps
Youngsters are getting addicted to mobile  apps like never before. This was revealed by a recent online study. According to this, youngsters in the age group of 18-35 years download apps by the millions & use them in such a way that they virtually get addicted to these apps.

This is not great news as there are a lot of controversies regarding people getting addicted to technology at an alarming rate. Experts attribute this trend to the easy accessibility of mobile phones(smartphones as well) & the even easier accessibility of the mobile apps. There have also been reports of people committing suicide due to their mobiles apps crashing. This shows how people are becoming slaves of technology.

One other finding of the study is that youngsters spent their free time downloading apps. Psychologists point out that this is sure to cause breakdown of creativity. Thus, by observing all these we can say that technology is dominating mankind.

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