Your Apple Macs can now be infected by viruses

Posted By: Rahul

Your Apple Macs can now be infected by viruses

The Apple Mac can now be infected with viruses. Hackers have reportedly compromised around a million Apple Macs. Thus, online hacking is not restricted to Windows PC alone. Using latest technology, hackers can steal confidential data on Macs say experts.

This piece of news is surely alarming for all the MAC users out there. But users have to accept this news as experts have stated that Mac is vulnerable to Mac malware which is different from the standard PC malware that affects users of Microsoft Windows operating system.

One Trojan attack is termed as Flashback. This lets hackers steal vital information like passwords, account numbers etc. The Flashback Trojan is designed in such a way that they remain undetected by your Mac security systems. They then trick users into downloading them. After this, all your vital and confidential data is compromised.

Experts also say that any operating system, regardless of security can be compromised by hackers. Apple which had claimed that no hacker/virus could invade its operating system now needs to do some thinking regarding this.

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