Your marriage could be wrecked by mobile phones

Posted By: Rahul

Your marriage could be wrecked by mobile phones

A recent study has reported that mobile phones & associated technology is leading to more & more marriages breaking throughout the world. This is a shocking fact & serves as a big blow to mobile phone users across the world.

The study also revealed that smartphones are increasingly being used by people to monitor the location of their spouses. Using technology such as GPS & stealth applications people are resorting to tactics such as tracking the location of their spouse, spying on them & even sending them warning messages. Cellphones are exclusively being used as marriage breaking instruments as marriages are being broken & relationships ended with just an sms.

Divorce notices are also being sent out through sms & other mobile phone apps. Through this, we can make out that people are exceedingly becoming slaves to technology. Some telcos have also mooted a proposal to monitor mobile phone usage which could lead to explicit content being monitored & people warned about potential incidents. But this isn't feasible as it would amount to privacy invasion.

The need of the hour is for people to update themselves with mobile phone disadvantages & not to become slaves of technology. People should also be thought to use technology constructively & not destructively.

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