YouTube buys RightsFlow, the licensing firm

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YouTube buys RightsFlow, the licensing firm


RightsFlow is a licensing firm that is indulged in helping the lyricists, the recording artists, the labels, the distributors and the online music services in setting up the arrangements for licensing as well as royalties. Now YouTube buys this licensing firm.

The combination of the experience and the technology of RightsFlow with the YouTube platform brings about lot of expectations for the users as the latter can now quickly license the music on their website. This means nothing other than music for all the users to enjoy and an opportunity for the music makers to make huge money online. This was mentioned by YouTube in its own blog.

Google, the parent company of YouTube and YouTube itself were indulged in various copyright altercations these many years and in August, the latter has made a settlement that involved a set of music publishers in class action suit. YouTube was accused in this suit that it is encouraging the users to upload some pirated videos of music, films and TV shows.

The publishers of music made a settlements during which they mentioned that as a consequence of all this issue, the publishers will go in to a specific licensing agreement with YouTube soon and then receive the royalties from the website for their music works in the videos that are posted on the website.

The top most video sharing service of the web was once upon a time loaded with lot of pirated contents after which a system for filtering was built. The result of such filtering has made the website to appear clean to the TC networks and the top film studios.

Google itself has made some written implementations on the content licensing deals along with some of the top most music labels to offer quality music on the website. YouTube has on its part made agreements with the top Hollywood film studios and some independent ones to offer the streaming rentals.

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