YouTube renovates the website's look and format

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YouTube renovates the website's look and format

YouTube has now programmed and renovated its website so that it is easy for the viewers to search and view the desired channels. It has unveiled a new facelift in order to make it the most popular internet video sharing website. This is the first and foremost attempt taken by the company to make it easy for navigating and also compelling to watch the views just as in the cable TV. The Google Inc, owner of YouTube is expecting to create some money selling advertisements.

The background which was previously white in color is not replaced with a slight greyish touch. These changes are some of the biggest ones that has ever been made by YouTube since its purchase by Google about five years back for around $1.76 billions.

Google is constantly adding more and more new frills to its video sharing website since when it acquired it but the videos were engraved in a condition in which the viewers will have to search a lot to view the video they like to. Google has recently been working on few of its products like news and Gmail.

The website of YouTube is now re-organized and it has three main columns vertically rather than having horizontal rows of scattering video clips. The left part of the page is meant for a column which is customizable to feature the favorite channels of the user and to monitor videos that are posted by the social network friends such as the ones in Facebook.

In few weeks, the capability to highlight the channels will also come and for this YouTube has to agree to invest about $100 million on its original programming. Most of the highlighted channels will start in 2012 and the website hopes to add the advertising that will bring about some profits.

The new homepage's center part is where users can play the videos and the users can change the selection by clicking on the different channels on the column in the left. The right column will recommend to the users the similar type of clips that the user has watched previously.

It has become mandatory for YouTube to bring about some professional content to the website after the evolution of Google TV last year. The Google TV will blend the Web surfing and the conventional TV programming. The streamlined look of YouTube will definitely attract more users as its impressive to watch the videos.

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