Zettaconnect: A social network created by an Indian boy

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Zettaconnect: A social network created by an Indian boy

Vignesh Sundarajan, a 14 year old boy pursuing his VIII standard in AVEMHS, Pune has created a new social network like Facebook and has named it Zettaconnect. It has some interesting features and was launched on January 21st 2012. The creation of the website has involved conscientious efforts of over four months.

Zettaconnect is a utility that is focused in connecting the students of several schools and on improving their relationship. It can be used by them as a social medium to get to know about the latest trend in the world by posting and sharing.

The creator explains that Zetta means bits of memory in the computer language and connect means to connect the people thereby giving a wonderful name to his website. The website was created using the programming languages like HTML, C and PHP.

The social network allows users to upload photos and videos and lets them play games and also chat. There are several corners in the website that allows users to perform different tasks. The academic discussion corner lets them share their academic experiences and achievements by simply typing them in the shoutbox and sharing with friends.

At the game discussion corner, users can post about the latest game releases and also share their gaming experience. This is especially for the gaming fanatics. The Sci-Tech corner is also to be mentioned and it allows users to share the technology news and also to post what is happening currently in technology.

Right now, the site has about 26 members who are the family members and friends of Vignesh, the creator. The site is soon expected to be converted to .com as he starts making more money for it. You can have a look at it by visiting www.zettaconnect.co.in.

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