4.5 million anti-SOPA signatures collected by Google

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4.5 million anti-SOPA signatures collected by Google


Google usually makes use of the current situations and this is evident from its role play during the natural disasters. The search engine used to provide helpful links and also resources for the people to volunteer and donate. Even their doodles pay homage for the event and the individuals.

On the internet blackout day also Google has played a major role. The company has not shut down the services but yet it made a highlight on the US homepage by blacking out the logo. There was a link on the Google homepage that has registered about 4.5 million signatures on the anti-SOPA petition. The number of signatures that is 4.5 million is quite a lot especially for one day.

Millions of Americans have and continue to oppose the SOPS and PIPA, the proposed US legislation as these anti-piracy bills will censor the internet and also slow down the growth in US economy. They feel that it is necessary to fight against the Congress and insist them not to censor the web.

The online piracy has to be fought and it is the most effective method to eradicate the pirate websites. But there is absolutely no point in including the social networks, blogs and others like search engines to censor the internet as they were the ones who made the web thrive. In fact the internet offers job to millions in US.

Wikipedia went black on Wednesday it accounted for about one million emails regarding the anti-SOPA to the Congress. It also has the support from 7000 websites who participated in the internet blackout. Even Reddit was one of the websites that went black in the protest against the proposed US legislation.

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