5 best tips for a secure online shopping

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5 best tips for a secure online shopping

As we know that the internet is the "In Thing" in today's world, so sre transcations over the internet. Almost all over day to day activities take place over the internet, online shopping is one popular internet service. But there is a darker side for the internet as well i,.e unsafe transcations through which your confidential information is compromised. The users must have an enriching internet transaction experience along with safety being ensured. Here we provide ten tips using which your internet shopping becomes more secure, safe and simplified.

These tips are:

1) Use famililar and trusted websites for online shopping: It is always advisable to use trusted and known websited rather than finding out shopping websites with the help of search engines. This reduces the ocuurences of any potential threat.

Untrustworthy sites provide attractive graphical user interfaces but at the same time they cheat people into believing that they are authenticated and force users to reveal their personal data. These websites emplaoy the stealth mechanism to extract confidential user information.

Also watch out for weird spellings of sites and domains. These websites are created only for the purpose of extracting user info and nothing else. Thus always find out trustworthy websutes before you start shopping so that your personal data is not compromised.

2) Using strong passwords: Always craete unique passwords when you use the internet for your personal transactions. Make sure that your password/passwords is diffiult to guess through brute force mechanism( one of the most basic password hacking mechanisms) and other processes. Whenever you create a new account always remember to choose passwords that are known only to you and which are unique.

3) Always look out for the security code: Whenever you are in an e-commerce website, always make sure that the site is certified with the SSL(Secure Socket Layer). The SSL certification means that the site is secure and is not fraudulent. Thus you get protection from data misuse. You can verify the SSL code in the status bar which is present at the bottom of your web browser or next to the URL.

4) Don't reveal all: One basic detail to be kept in mind when shopping online is that no e-commerce site asks for your security code or personal information. If this information is requested by the site then it means that the website is a fraudulent one and you need to be careful.  Thus try to provide as less information as possible when shopping online.

5) Check your credit card statements regularly: Verify your credit card statements at regular intervals rather than waiting for them to come at the end of every month. If there is something fishy in your transaction information, report these immediately. Notify your bank immediately if any such discrepancies arise.

Thus, by following the basic tips given above, you can rest assured that your personal information along with your money is in your hands only.

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