5 Interesting Reasons Why Mozilla Firefox Dumped Google for Yahoo as Default Search Option

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It hasn't been long since Mozilla announced that the company was set to dump Google for Yahoo as it new default search engine. Ans since this is the first week of December, it means that Mozilla's new partnership with Yahoo has gone into effect with a new update for the same.

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Previously, the company wrote in its official blog that "Google has been the Firefox global search default since 2004. Our agreement came up for renewal this year, and we took this as an opportunity to review our competitive strategy and explore our options." And after the review, the company found Yahoo as the best alternative this time around.

While Mozilla users come to terms with the newly laid plans, one might wonder as to why there's such a sudden movement in the overall plans of the company? What drove Mozilla to dump Google and adopt Yahoo? We take a closer look.

5 Reasons Why Mozilla Dumped Google for Yahoo

Change from the Norm
Making a shift from something that you hold on to for the last 10 years isn't that easy. But Mozilla has made the gamble and indeed jumped from Google to Yahoo. While most will ponder as to why such a change, we feel maybe Mozilla was indeed looking for something refreshing from Google that would also offers a revamped set of options. But it still remains to see if users take the changes positively.

5 Reasons Why Mozilla Dumped Google for Yahoo

There are Revenues Involved
Mozilla CEO Chris Beard, on the latest shift, stated that the new change is an "opportunity to review our competitive strategy and explore our options." And that was backed by Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer revealing to Reuters that the partnership is a revenue-sharing agreement that comes with "guarantees." Hence, making a bit more profit is also on the cards.

5 Reasons Why Mozilla Dumped Google for Yahoo

The Google Chrome Rivalry
Google's popular Chrome browser is one of the most sought after browsers, and apart from Mozilla's Firefox, it is the biggest choice for most people, both for PCs and smartphones. And we are not even taking IE into consideration. And since Chrome anyway uses Google as its default search engine, a clash of ideals was anyway on the cards.

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5 Reasons Why Mozilla Dumped Google for Yahoo

Good News for Yahoo
While the new deal takes its toll on the regular user so much used to the Google way of things, we are sure Yahoo will only get better from this time around. Meyer pointed out that search remains a key growth area for the company, with 11 consecutive quarters showing increasing revenue from search. With the new deal, expect further expansion of prospects for the company.

5 Reasons Why Mozilla Dumped Google for Yahoo

Keeping it Private
If you may know, Yahoo will also support Do Not Track in Firefox, which could arrive as a good incentive for users who do not wish to be tracked by the company all the time. Google, on the other hand, relies in tracking its users and maintaining a data base for the same. And moreover, an extra layer of privacy is always welcome.

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