After GoDaddy, Dominos Pizza India Website Hacked by a Turkish Group

After GoDaddy, Dominos Pizza India Website Hacked by a Turkish Group

In what might be a major issue for users in India ordering Domino’s Pizza online, a Turkish group named ‘TurkishAjan’ is reported to have hacked the Indian website of Domino’s Pizza. The hacking was reported by some of the major news reporters including Cyberwarnews.Info and ZDNet. Domino’s India is so far tight lipped about revealing any details on these latest developments. But the website is reported to be still working and is accepting online orders for Pizza’s.

Reports went on to say that the TurkishAjan hacker group supposedly has gained access to almost 37,000 account details. The website address of Domino’s Pizza is The hacker group then went on to release personal information of users registered with Domino’s Pizza. The information leaked includes the phone numbers, addresses and names. The leaked information is reported to have been posted on

Reports suggest that the website of Domino’s Pizza India was hacked using common techniques such as ‘SQL Injection Method’ and ‘Remote File Inclusion’. These techniques are usually employed for stealing personal data from internet databases by hacker groups. The hidden password and data is said to be revealed by means of injecting certain commands.

This is not the first time Indian websites are falling prey to hackers. Earlier, an anonymous hacker group hacked a slew of websites so as to protest against the Internet Censorship brought about by the Indian Government. Some of the websites which were hacked by hacker group included official websites of political parties, Congress, BJP and Reliance.

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