Anonymous hacks Supreme Court website

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Anonymous hacks Supreme Court website

The group of hackers, Anonymous were responsible for many hacking attacks in the past. Now, it has hacked the corporate and government websites. This is a move to show its objection on what it sees as injustice. The group is reported to have taken down the Supreme Court of India website ( and All India Congress website (

As per thednetworks, Anonymous has even explained the reason for the attack. The hacking of the above sites is a reaction to the Internet Censorship. Yesterday, we reported that the ISPs in India are blocking the major torrent and video sharing sites.

The blocking of file hosting and video sharing sites has created a commotion in the internet community. It is believed that Reliance Entertainment has acquired a John Doe order from the Delhi High Court for Dangerous Ishtq, their upcoming release. As per this order, many ISPs are blocking the torrent websites.

We reported that Airtel has blocked these sites. The list does not stop with Reliance and Airtel. It also includes some of the other ISPs like Pacenet Mumbai, MTNL, YOU Broadband and Tikona. Interestingly, BSNL has not blocked the video sharing and major torrent websites.

Anonymous has named this operation MT Operation India. “Namaste # India, its time to trash the current government and create a new one. Good luck. # Anonymous # Save TPB # Censorship”, tweeted the hacker group. The other targets of the group include the sites of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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