Become an expert in Gmail - Part 3

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Gmail is one of those buzz words that are familiar to all those internet users out there! Even the users who are part of Gmail can add online contacts and can chat with them. Other additional features that comes with Gmail is the option through which users can navigate towards Orkut which is one of the most popular social messaging services as well as calendar, documents and photos.

Now with the latest Gmail layout already released, users can enjoy more benefits with improvised customization now becoming possible! And there are several tricks that are still not known to the common Gmail users.

Become an expert in Gmail - Part 3

Two key features that all those users who are reading this article should know in the new Gmail layout include;

  • Enabling Useful Settings

  • Integrate G-mail with desktop

Enabling Useful Settings

All the useful settings are present under the General Tab in the Settings page

Always ensure that the users check their corresponding HTTPS that helps in securing your connection and there by maintaining user privacy.

Become an expert in Gmail - Part 3

Another interesting feature that is present in the new Gmail layout includes the presence of Personal Level Indicators. This facility helps the user in differentiating among the messages that are specifically sent only to you as well as the messages that was forwarded to a message list. The differentiation is done by means of a double arrow in which a single arrow shows that the message was send to a group list and double arrow denotes that the message was sent specifically to you only!

Another attractive feature is the presence of superstars in which the users can apply stars of certain colors and design. It is mainly done in order to sort the messages in the following orders such as;

  • Important

  • More important

  • Follow Up

  • To Do

Users will have to just drag the stars from the row that is present in the bottom into the ‘in use’ row.

Integrate Gmail with the desktop

Mainly two applications are available for integrating Gmail with that of desktop. The two methods include;

  • Gmail Notifier

  • Gmail Growl

Gmail Notifier: Google has designed Gmail Notifier for both Mac as well as Windows computers. It has been designed in such a way that it sends notifications whenever new e-mail arrives in the inbox. It also sets Gmail as the default mail client. It mainly works in the menu bar as well as system tray.

Become an expert in Gmail - Part 3

Gmail Growl: The Gmail Growl for the Windows notification has been designed in such a way that more than notifying the users with notifications, it sets Gmail as the system wide mail client!

What are you waiting for? Go and give it a try by using these methods in your new Gmail!

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