Bing comes second in US search

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Bing comes second in US search


Microsoft has achieved its long time and expensive target with the Bing ranking second in the lucrative Internet market. Microsoft's website including Bing have totaled to about 2.75 billion searches in US during the month of December and this was higher than Yahoo. These statistics were revealed by ComScore on Wednesday.

The volume of Bing in December totaled to about 15.1 % of the US search traffic and that of Yahoo was 14.5 % with 2.65 billion searches. Google is still the first place that comes to the mind in Internet and it registered about 12 billion requests in US alone taking it to have a total share of 65.9 %.

Usually, the research firms will track internet search market but the ComScore is the most important for the companies and the industry analysts. The search queries are a means of profit for the companies are they can make more profit from the ads that appear with the results. The dominance of Google in the online search field is the main reason for it being the most profitable Internet company.

Analysts expected Yahoo and Microsoft to swap their positions in the online search as they both announced a partnership in the month of July 2009. It was a 10 year old agreement that helped Yahoo to save more money as it relies on the latter to offer the bulk for the search technology. Microsoft wanted to make this deal as it can analyze more on the users' preferences.

The eroding search share of Yahoo is another reason for its declination in the past three years and resulting in a downturn in the stock price as well. The company is trying to change the board members now for this reason.


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