Compare and contrast Facebook music and Apple iTunes

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Apple iTunes one of the popular applications from Apple ended the dominance of Napster which provided On-demand music listening experience but at a huge price. But Apple introduced the iTunes application through a virtual store which provided the users with 30 seconds of preview of the song at a minimal rate of 0.99 cents per track.

Compare and contrast Facebook music and Apple iTunes

Spotify, a well known music streaming service provider has tied up with several audio majors that includes Sony, Warner Music Group and Universal Group to provide the On-Demand music experience to the users. Spotify knew clearly the importance of On-Demand Music Listening experience and they have been a success in implementing the idea so far. And now the two of the popular services Facebook and Spotify are joining hands in providing the best On-Demand music listening experience that is going to change the dynamics in the market.

The main challenge is for the Apple iTunes which was so far the most popular source for On-Demand music listening experience. Facebook success factor remains with the 800 million strong customer base that it has.

Two of the main success factors that Spotify has equipped it with is that

  • They have included a desktop application with its music application taking in to consideration the importance and popularity of the desktop music experience.

  • By paying just around Rs.450 users can listen to music even when they are offline.

Now with the path breaking unification of Spotify and Facebook I think it will take a long time for Apple iTunes to catch up with the Facebook Music owing to its tremendous customer base.

  • Spotify and Facebook has always remained in one mission and that is being “social”.

  • Being social enables the users to share the music with others as well as free listening of their favorite music too without paying money.

Spotify has included an option named “creating and sharing playlists” which the iTunes has failed to support in its Apple products. Even though they have released a music application named Ping it went on to become a huge failure. Apple had seriously missed the chance in moving on for a collaborative partnership with Facebook that resulted in the debacle.

Apple will have to seriously cut down its pricing in order to sustain in the On- Demand music listening market. Both Apple iTunes and Facebook Spotify music still continues to be popular as far as the On-Demand music listening experience is concerned.

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