Cyber criminals await Valentines Day

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Cyber criminals await Valentines Day

Valentines Day, the celebration of love is not only profiting the hoteliers and retailers but also the cyber criminals who look for new ways to spam the netizens and to steal the personal details like the credit card information, claim the experts.

Let it be some offers on dinners and flowers or some dating sites for the singles, the cyber criminals are actively seeking the surfers who reveal their personal information just to make money. They even suggest people to think twice when there is a very nice deal as this is an increased activity during the holiday seasons and occasions.

Valentines Day is one when people will receive lot of spam mails about deals in chocolates, food, flowers, gifts and more. These are the ones that the users have to careful about. When this is clicked, it will take the user to a malicious site. The users will not get their gift that they have ordered for and also lose their personal details.

People search for Valentines day in the internet the most and this makes the cyber criminals to fetch more money. The other issue is the creation of malicious sites and fake profiles. These sites offer users to go for a date and large number of users fall victims to these by sending them money.

This Valentines Day, be cautious when you are online and do not pave way for the criminals to snatch details from you and leave you in regret.

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