Difference between sub domains and microsites

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Microsites are defined as main website branches. Microsites can be considered as sites with different domain names. Microsites can multiply the indexed sites in search engines, thereby giving the particular organization a greater presence or range in the Internet. The contents in a main site can be covered by the microsite but cannot duplicate those contents.

If a microsite does otherwise, search engines would give a penalty for it and might remove both the microsite and the main site from its registry.

Difference between sub domains and microsites

Domain is referred to as the part of the address of a website at the end. Consider the website www.google.com. Here “.com” is known as the top level domain and “google.com” is the name of the domain. The subdomain here is “www. “ If an organization owns a domain name, it can create a lot of subdomains under that domain name for free.

Subdomains actually represent the main directory structure of the main site. This is how a domain name owner is able to create free subdomains under that domain name.

Difference between sub domains and microsites

For example, consider a website “www.dept.com”. One possibility or example of a subdomain to this is www.marian_it.dept.com where dept.com is the mainsite. That is, owners of a domain name can make any subdomain, be a dominant section in the original website name.

The microsites, on the other hand, have a few benefits as well. The benefits may depend on either of the site owner’s choices:

  • Whether he wants group visits

  • Whether he wants to remove the new site from the main site’s association

The number of sites presented for one site as a result of search in a search engine is minimized the search engine itself in the search results. Group pages from Google may also be limited in the same process.


Difference between sub domains and microsites

Microsites offer a great alternative if the owner wants search engines to be full of many sites owned by that particular owner. For this the microsite should be of a different domain name. To attract visitors and improve the overall ranking, using subdomains is a better idea.

Based on the owner’s strategy and requirements for his websites, whether to use a microsite with a different domain name or a subdomain branch of the mainsite is determined. But, whatever the decision, the content of the sites should be one of a kind. If the mainsite is directly mapped by a subdomain or a microsite, the search engines will remove the sites.

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