Does internet influence motherhood?

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Does internet influence motherhood?

Most of the mothers are opting to get parenting tips from internet than from their own parents for advice on how to take care of their children, reveals a new survey. It has found that about eight among 10 mothers in Britain are regularly visiting the parenting websites and the related forums whenever they require some parental advice.

The survey involved over 3,000 mums and it has found that most of them now avoid asking their own parents for the tips on how to take care of their children. The research is a step taken for the upcoming Mother's Day and it has found that about 41% of the mums now save time by doing weekly food shop through online.

Over 21% of the internet savvy mothers of the current generation even use the internet to research their kids' homework. Moreover, 99% of the women spend their spare time on surfing the internet. This study shows the preference of mothers to internet to taking advise from their own parents. Amazing internet has impacted motherhood to a large extent.

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