Downfalls of Google+ for small businesses

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Whenever there is someone to give positive views about a particular topic, there will also be someone else to give negative views. We already covered a topic Google+ a boon for small businesses that mentions about the benefit of using Google+ for small businesses.

Most of the small business owners gave a positive opinion about the network when asked about its usefulness and effectiveness but still some spoke about various flaws in the network as well. Here are some of the reasons for the owners of small businesses to limit the usage of Google+.

Administration is Difficult:A user said that while creating a brand page in Google+, they have to use their personal account and so they cannot add the admins or the other users to manage the account. If the size of the business is too small then this may not cause any issue.

Facebook and Twitter Reign: Many small businesses claim that maintain their engaged audiences on Twitter and Facebook and that most customers as well as clients do not use Google+. So, they feel that this platform is not of great priority for their businesses.

Lack of Social Dashboards Integration: The more advanced social media dashboards like Hootsuite have already integrated Google+ with their products but still many other social dashboard services available in the market have not allowed users to post in Google+. For those businesses using social presences from specific central locations this lack of Google+ integration to the social dashboards is a great barrier.

Unreliability of Google Side Projects: Google is one that will start and shut the products suddenly like the Buzz, Hotpot and Wave. Many of them think that Google+ is no different from Google and that it will also shut the services after they create their own brand page. They feel that if the network pans out their page, then the time as well as the cost involved in engaging the followers will go waste and that Facebook is better for this purpose.

Growth is Small: Some of them feel that Google+ has great potential but still the growth is slow. The feature allows the businesses to add various other businesses only to their circles and not users and the companies feel that it is tough to grow the fan base with this network for this purpose.

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