Download Chrome 19 with advanced features [Video]

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Download Chrome 19 with advanced features [Video]

Google has announced the version 19 of Chrome browser. A couple of features including the Tab syncing are added to this version. What is this Tab syncing feature? Say you have found some interesting topic while you are at your workplace. You can't read through it as you are working. May be, you can have the link mailed to your personal id and then check it from home. But, the Tab syncing will make it easier.

With this feature, while you are signed in to the Chrome browser, the tabs that are open are synced across all your devices. You can quickly access the content from the “Other devices”menu in the New Tab page. If the Chrome for Android Beta is installed on your device, you can open the same page on your phone or tablet. Interestingly, the forward and back buttons will also work. This way, you can pick the browsing from where you have left it.

If you think that the open tabs are the only ones that can be synced while you sign in to the browser, you're wrong. It will also sync the apps, history, themes, extensions, bookmarks and settings. This way, signing in to Chrome will offer you the same browsing experience on all the devices. The stable version of the browser will be released in a few days and the Tab sync feature will be rolled out to the users gradually in some weeks. The video will explain the feature in detail.

Interesting isn't it? With this nifty feature you can have all the data synced on all your devices. As mentioned above, you can open even the browsing history, so you will not face the No connection error. Download Google Chrome 19 to enjoy these benefits.

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