Facebook launches Timeline feature to all users

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Facebook launches Timeline feature to all users


You, as a Facebook user would have been eagerly waiting to make use of the Timeline feature and now it has arrived to the social network. The Facebook Timeline feature was officially announced by the social network. This new Timeline interface actually replaces the current information format that is bulleted and the visible postings that are limited with more details about the users and their entire history in Facebook.

The timeline feature was rolled out to the users on Thursday and it makes a list of the links, photos and all the other things that users have shared using Facebook. Users can access these information in a single click. With this feature users may think and realize about how many stuffs they have loaded thr web and the social network with.

The main idea behind the launch of the service is to recollect back the memories and to cherish them. Previously, the Facebook page had the most recent posts with the photos that are posted by others. Now with timeline, it creates a scrapbook like montage, photos, link, updates and more right from the time they signed in with the account. The Timeline feature was actually introduced in September by now only it was made available to the users.

The users can either log on to the facebook.com/about/timeline in order to activate this feature immediately or wait until they receive the notification about the feature. However, all the profiles will be switched to the new look but when is not mentioned. The main point is that there will be no switching back again.

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