Gmail Email No.1: Beats Hotmail in World’s Largest Email Service Provider Race

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Gmail Email No.1: Beats Hotmail in World’s Largest Email Service Provider Race

Recently, Internet analytics firm comScore has come up with their recent research report which has confirmed Google’s dominance in the email service industry. Traffic data report by comScore for the month of October indicates that Google has finally overtaken Hotmail with 287.9 million unique worldwide visitors. 

Hotmail is although not so far behind with 286.2 million unique worldwide visitors. 

Google had also released a traffic report of its own. According to Google, they have been successful in affirming the top spot with 425 million active users in June 2012.In January the number of active users in Gmail stood at 350 million. This indicates a marginal growth with 75 million new users registering to the service in a span of 5 months. 

These numbers differ from the count provided by comScore because the later does not track mobile usage. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets a large share of users are accessing the mail service through these mobile devices. There are also dedicated mail apps for Gmail and Hotmail. comScore has taken count of users accessing the mail services from desktops and laptops. 

Yahoo mail is closely following the Gmail and Hotmail with 281.7 million active users during the month of October, according to comScore. Yahoo mail is also the most popular email service provider in US with 76.7 million users. Gmail currently has 69.1 million active users in US whereas Hotmail has 35.5 million users in US. Microsoft’s Outlook and AOL’s Alto which is in beta phase, are expected to take over a share of the user base currently enjoyed by Yahoo mail, Gmail and Hotmail.

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