GoDaddy Hacked: Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility

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GoDaddy Hacked: Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility and millions of websites hosted by tech firm went down for hours on Monday, resulting in trouble for the small businesses that rely upon the service. Go Daddy claims itself as the world's largest web hosting company and the top provider of domain names.

According to a GoDaddy spokeswoman, Elizabeth Driscoll, the outage began at 1:25 PM EDT and the services were up at 5:43 EDT. There were no loss of sensitive customer information like credit card date or password, claimed the spokeswoman. hosts over 5 million websites for the small businesses. Following the outage, the websites started raising the issue on Twitter.

As per TechCrunch report, a member of Anonymous, the online activist group, @AnonymousOwn3r has claimed responsibility for the outage through Twitter, saying that it was an individual's attempt and not the group as a whole.

As a result of the outage, websites which have been registered with GoDaddy including, and were also down.

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