Google adds virtual scientific calculator on search

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Google adds virtual scientific calculator on search

Google search is not only meant for searching Web pages, but also to know stock quotes, weather information, time of a city, unit conversion, sports scores, quick calculations and more.

Now, the search engine giant has added a 34 button virtual calculation tool to the search. This will help us use the search engine as a calculation tool. The calculator feature is available across almost all the browsers (mobile and web).

To get the 34 button virtual scientific calculator, simple type 'calculator' in the search box. There is another way to open the calculator on Google. Type any calculation (example – '14*5') in the search box.

Calculator feature of Google is not new, but the 34 button virtual calculator with scientific functions is a recent one. It performs functions such as sine, cosine, tangent, exponential, logarithm, pie, power, square root and natural logarithm apart from normal calculations.

Usually Google adds new features to the search. Previously, it added Knowledge Graph that will display information relevant to a search query. It also introduced Power Searching with Google. It is a free, online course that shows the techniques of Google search and teaches users how to search effectively.

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