Google auto complete may go

Posted By: Rahul

Google auto complete may go

The Google Auto Complete which is one of the best internet search tools is all set to go. This tool was used by people to search the web efficiently & intuitively.

A complaint has been filed against this feature. A court in Japan has reportedly directed Google to stop the feature. The petitioner told the court that since Google Auto Complete pops up suggestions, this would depict users in a bad light.

This, according to the petitioner links people to crimes automatically. Thus, it would harm the morality of people. The Online reputation of people is also under stake due to the Auto Complete. Google has responded to the Tokyo District Court's directive saying that the order doesn't apply to it since it's headquarters is based in the United States.

Google Auto Complete is very popular among people all over the world. This also enables users to search the web faster. It relies on keywords that users typed during their previous searches & displays results based on these keywords as well. The intention of the petitioner is not known clearly. People all over the world are questioning the court's order saying that Auto Complete doesn't lead to any person taking up crime. People have the comfort of taking the suggestions that are only relevant & ignore the others. But even with this, people are expressing reservations over the feature.

All in all, the Google Auto Complete is intended to be a useful feature. People need to understand this & derive maximum benefit out of it.

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