Google celebrates Hertz birthday

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Google celebrates Hertz birthday


The latest addition to the animated doodles is the 155th birthday celebration of Heinrich Hertz, the German physicist who discovered the electromagnetic waves that led to the radio and wireless telegraph development.

He was initially apprenticed as a jeweler and his aptitude for sciences has made him grasp the dynamics of physics easily. He earned PhD at the age of 22 and it was based on electromagnetic induction in rotating spheres from University of Berlin.

He demonstrated the electromagnetic induction with a condenser discharging through an open loop in 1885. In the next year, he generated and detected the electromagnetic radiation successfully. This discovery led to the answers of many questions that remained unanswered and also added various new dimensions to the electromagnetism theory.

Hertz (Hz) is a common term that is used to measure the radio as well as electrical frequencies. Hertz passed away in Germany in 1894.

Unlike the other animated doodles that use complex JavaScript this is a simple animated GIF image. Google has so long used about 1308 doodles on the homepage since the first one in 1998.

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