Google Chrome 21 Beta supports webcam

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Google Chrome 21 Beta supports webcam

Google's Chrome browser is quite popular. Now, Chrome has reached its 21st version with packs new features. Chrome 21 is currently in the beta version. Usually, the Chrome updates are common and they don't receive much fanfare. But, the recent update has a couple of treats that are worth mentioning.

One of its major features is the support to webcam and microphone without the necessity of a third party software or plugin. The browser supports web camera and mic using the getUserMedia API which was introduced.

The native video chatting support lets the web applications use the camera and microphone without any plugins. This is surely going to be handy while setting up video chats.

The official blog of Chrome offers more details about these new additions that are made to the browser. There are many other features that are implemented in the new build. It has improved Google Cloud Print service which lets the users to directly print to Google Drive or any other cloud ready printer. Download the Beta version of Google Chrome.

Google has axes the Chrome support for the Mac OS 10.5 in the Chrome 22. This version of the browser is available for the developers through the Dev channel. This is not a bad news as the Mac OS 10.5 is outdated.

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