Google Chrome hacked in 5 minutes!

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Google Chrome hacked in 5 minutes!

There was an annual competition announced by Google to test the security of its web browser, Chrome that is used commonly across the world. The company said that if any hacker successfully hacks the web browser, they will be rewarded with $1 million (Rs. 5,00.00,000).

A group of French hackers were able to do this by bypassing the security features of the browser using a Windows PC in less than 5 minutes. Chrome was undefeated in 2011 but now Vupen, a French firm has achieved by defeating the company.

Google believed that Chrome was unbeatable but the company has proved that it can be broken despite of the security features. Chaouki Bekrar, the firm's research head said that last year Google made lot of headlines that none could hack its browser and that they wanted it to be the first in 2012.

Bekrar's team worked for about six weeks ahead of the Pwn2own competition to explore all the possible vulnerabilities. He added that the company has also framed procedures to hack Internet Explorer and Firefox but the first one they wanted to try was Chrome.

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